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Milwaukee Man Defends His Song, In Milwaukee.

By Courtier House. Published October 19, 2022 | Entertainment News Courtier House 

Milwaukee - a R&B song  has gained more supporters than negative criticism after Milwaukee man releases promo video featuring a scene of Alicia Keys, singing her part of the Grammy Award winning song, Empire State of Mind, by Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys from the Blueprint 3 album release in 2009. 


the In Mke Song (In Milwaukee) by Singer, Xzavier Antonio is being released November 23, 2022 and will be a part of an album called #OutNow which is hoped to release some time next summer 2023.  

The video is captioned, “New York has one, Milwaukee should have one too.” The video starts out with a clip of Alicia Keys singing the famous lyrics, “Welcome to New York” and the clip is interrupted by a clip of Xzavier Antonio saying, “Hold up, Watch this” as he taps the camera of the recording device with his hand (a trend on social media) and the video then shows Xzavier singing a part of the hook to his theme song for Milwaukee; Lyrics: “What he can do for you in New York, I can do it better, got you thinking to yourself you can’t believe you met a *** like me in Milwaukee. I ain’t from New York or from the ATL. You heard of Rico Love, Eric Bennett and Coo Coo Cal. Girl I know you can’t believe you met a **** like me, In Milwaukee. 


One Facebook user shared the video captioning it , “Milwaukee doesn’t need another song” and another user shared, captioning, every city doesn’t need its own song; However, the support for the song and the artist seemingly outweighs the negative criticism from some Milwaukee neighbors.  

Fuck is he talking about man.jpeg

“Xzavier has said to Courtier House;


"It’s the lack of love for our city from some of our very own people that’s the problem. In fact, I think the negative comments only affirm what I’m saying in the the song  about how a woman’s experience dating in Milwaukee has been so difficult, that her experience with me being so great,  is unbelievable.”



Others commented making statements against New York, but Xzavier has also replied; "


I’m actually giving credit to how great those other cities are, including but not limited to New York, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Vegas, Nashville Los Angelos and Boston where I once lived.  In part, I’m who I am because of the great experiences I’ve had across the country and I’m able to bring who I am to the relationships I have.”   


In Mke Song (in Milwaukee) will release on all Platforms November 23, 2022 and there’s already a remix ready for release to soon follow the release of the original.   

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