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   Courtier House and the In Milwaukee Social are crossing “t’s” & dotting “i’s” for what’s expected to be one of Milwaukee’s greatest and most prestigious events, the “In Milwaukee Awards.” 

   These prestigious events in Milwaukee celebrate and award those in music, spoken word, and more.


   The events also award fashion professionals for their commitments to the community and businesses for their achievements and impact as well." - It's not an event to be missed!"

   During the awards events, It is our aim that everyone, whether they are  receiving an award or in attendance to support, can celebrate their own achievements and presence while seeing & celebrating the potential that we create when we celebrate others.   

Learn together,
Earn together

We want you all to sign up for one of the roles below; joining us in our mission to unite networks of people in the spirit of togetherness and celebration.

The communities we are reaching will recognise & celebrate you. That's influence that you'll be able to use to earn money, sustain the lifestyle you really want and gain more opportunities around the country or world. 


From the revenue attained from the awards event, the In Mke Social will attain  the economic resources to fund essential needs in the community & Courtier House will attain an annual budget to pay you as an official team member.


We believe in independence and entrepreneurship and will invest these dollars to empower those of you who  join us, to achieve your own economic and business objectives. 

Our Social events
light the way. 

 Our socials provide opportunities for Milwaukee neighbours to be informed on what’s happening in the community and included.  Those interested in becoming part of our team will join with us during our socials & get the experience you'll need for those compensated positions during the "In Milwaukee Awards."  

Join Our Family 

Join as a Model/Brand Ambassador

You will model for designers, stylists, and for retail businesses at our socials and awards events and/or your likenesses will be featured in promotional/commercial content. The content will be advertised to build brand awareness for you & the client/partner. This will allow us to idenitfy potential customers on our and the client's/partner's behalf. Then, it will be our job to re-engage this audience and influence them to attend our awards events where you, the client/partner, and Courtier House will experience a social and economic pivot in our journies.

Models/Brand Ambassadors

Join as Media Personalities / Correspondents


Learn and use your great personality & communication skills to captivate audiences, both at our socials and with our online viewers. Together, we’ll provide accurate & exciting information to the community and exposure for great brands and causes. We’ll do this through podcasts and through pre-recorded and/or live broadcasts during Socials. Your face and voice will be one of the most trusted in our networks of people. You’ll learn to be comfortable having natural conversations with people about their hopes, plans, concerns and more. Our audiences will have a great respect for you because you are a true member of the community and have genuine connections to the people who you’re interviewing and the information you’re distributing. While our social events provide experience and practice, this is a position we want to pay personalities to function in during the awards events. We also intend to create more of these paid opportunities by partnering with other event organizers and promoters. This will trend in Milwaukee and partners will want experienced personalities and platforms.

Media Personalities

Join as an Influencer

Together, we’ll identify the audiences who are most interested in subjects that you are most informed about. You’ll become a trusted brand and voice to those audiences while working closely with organizers from the In Mke Social. Influencers are a voice to the public representing specific interests; fashion, live performance art, politics/community, health/fitness, education, women and/or men empowerment, safe spaces, youth development and more. The In Mke Social organizes network groups based on these shared intertests. An influencer’s role is network, build relationships, be informed about what’s happening in these communities and to be captivating while delivering that information to network group members and to the public through social media. As an influencer, you grow your sphere of influence, you’ll have the relationships and the influence that you can leverage to start earning. Together we influence communities and network groups; We'll give Milwaukee a prestigious event, and we will develop an annual budget ensuring you can continue your influencer work for us while we invest in you and your brand to grow your sphere of influence which will increase your earning potential.


Join as a Publicist

Together, we’ll not only maintain relationships with news & radio platforms; we’ll also be working with aspiring media platforms such as podcasts, influencers, and other broadcasters to help clients gain exposures. Learn about professionals and their aspiring achievements, while attending our Thursday socials. Learn about the podcasts and broadcasting platforms that participate with our event as a step to learning more about an entire community of independent and major media platforms. See the value of our effort of creating networks of platforms & networks of people. Our campaign will position us to offer valuable PR packages. The clients who sign up for these packages will need people who operate as a medium, brokering professional relationships and arranging exposure opportunities within and outside of our networks of people and platforms.

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Join Media Production

Together, we’ll deliver quality and stunning content with our united services, including but not limited to photography, videography, audio/sound engineering, graphic design, creative direction & lighting. We’ll enhance our skills sets & create impactful costs-worthy productions. Together, we will lay out a plan for media professionals to earn at competitive levels in the media industry and have access to membership based- shared equipment, studios, and programs for our independent needs. Learn about audio & video production for free. At Socials. Help us produce quality content. Together, we’ll be a cohesive, skilled & compensated team during the In Milwaukee Awards. Together we can attain high-end equipment and tools that we can share for even our independent goals in the same way Milwaukee once shared equipment and tools when we had the MATA Community Media Center.

Join Marketing

Together, we’ll strategically use social media to get information to the right audiences while creating a position for ourselves to earn revenue and/or offer our skillset to others at competitive prices, We will earn together as a company and/or as a network of entities. While every component is equally important, without marketing, none of it is effective. Marketing allows to us to keep our promise to influencers to increase earning potential; a promise that we are only able to keep because of how we collect, read, and use data to determine strategy, and because of how we use the commutation channels to distribute and collect more or better information. Marketing is how we increase the value of models, brand ambassadors, and influencers, it’s how we can provide clients with brand ambassadors and influencers who have genuine ties to client audiences. It’s how we determine our own costs. Socials and the in Milwaukee awards provide us evidential data and content that we’ll be able to use to gauge our own worth. Courtier House puts marketing and data first and therefore together; we’ll prioritise a budget for staff and marketing costs above most other administrative needs.


Sign Up to join us. 


Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact. Any questions, please contact Xzavier Antonio, Jeffrey McAlister, or Jkali Boone. 

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