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Xzavier Antonio

In my time as an entrepreneur, I realized the biggest complaints amongst entrepreneurs are about “support and exposure. We've created an opportunity to achieve both” 

Marketing Expert & Owner


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Our housewarming event is an introduction to our I.M.P.A.C.T sessions

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When I sign up and agree to a monthly contribution of $15, what other benefits are there?  


Creatives and entrepreneurs choose these I.M.P.A.C.T. sessions because they want the knowledge that equips them with the skills and know-how they’ll need to control their own careers and gain competitive and measurable exposure. Our facilitators show you how PR & Marketing tools actively work for Courtier House, our clients, and other neighbors. Our IMPACT session makes sure you successfully understand how Information, Messaging, Presence, Alliances, Content and Targeting creates opportunities for you to know how many people are interested in your business, ideas, products, and story. Understanding this, gives you a base of people, on whom to focus most of your sales efforts and whom are most likely to support you. 

Session Highlights

  • Challenge your self to be the solution to an imminent threat that social media presents - As an user, businesses consider you as the product, but by learning to saturate your communities with your talents, your businesses, your story and positive messaging, you then get ahead of the threat and are able to impact your life and community more effectively. 

  • Learn how to measure and leverage brand equity & thereby gain more influence. You’ll learn about data that helps you to determine the potential in partnerships, in plans and you’ll realize what you can accomplish within any timeline.  

  • Increase a positive  public opinion about your brand, product, business and ideas without gimmicks, or publicity stunts. You’ll really understand and embrace the power of togetherness and the power of people in a way that will help you to genuinely &  internally become connected to our collective goal of building better communities - because, better communities, build better people 

  • Be surrounded by neighbors and  equals whom are just as excited about, and dedicate to your success just  as you are to your own and just as they are to their own. With our cross promotions strategies, neighbors typically want everyone to succeed independently because where one succeeds, there is created potential for other neighbors to succeed as well. 

  • Discounted advanced interview prep 

  • Quick interview prep 

  • Featured performance opportunities

  • Discounted vending options

  • Performance development 

  • Discounted event space

  • Brand development 

  • Event/vendor press coverage

  • Partnership opportunities (we invest) 

  • Business listed on our website as a resource 

  • Discounted brand ambassadors services for; 

- Commercials

- Street marketing

- Event promotions 

  • Discounted "1-on-1" PR consulting (First 60 days free) 

  • Discounted website management 

  • Social media ad management 

  • Discounted press release consulting, writing and distribution

News, radio, podcast and more - we create opportunities for ourselves to show what we can do for you 

Listen here to Jeffrey McAlister, CEO and Xzavier Antonio, Owner, on Milwaukee's 101.7 - The Truth's Black Friday - discussing how Courtier House is putting professionals "on" with our I.M.P.A.C.T. Sessions


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