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In Mke Media Partnership 

Courtier House, a PR company offers  marketing and PR options to media professionals.  


Also, we look to work with Talent (Creatives and Entrepreneurs) by offering PR services which will help increase brand equity and connect them to their communities through podcasts, influencers, and mass media including news agencies, print media (newspapers, news magazines), broadcast news (radio and television), and the internet (online newspapers, online news magazines, news websites etc.).


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Definetly Better Together.

Many professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs have a do-it-yourself approach to acquiring exposure and relevance, However data and common knowledge has always reflected that audiences are more likely to listen to personalities & platforms they trust and pay more attention to brands and professionals who are guests and/or are promoted by these media personalities and media platforms. 


The other concern is with the independent media platforms and businesses as well.  


Many independent platforms have a person coming up with topics, content, operating the audio and/video recording but not many have a professional PR contact or marketing professional.  


This program strategically connects the platform to the talent and markets them to both their audiences and to Courtier House’s audience.  In one of our options we match the funding for marketing, and in some cases, we cover the entire bill.  The real magic that helps the platform and the talent grow competitively, is in the marketing and the uniting of professionals. Platforms and Talent can invest as much as they want into their own brand while Courtier House may collect a service fee for helping to strategize and accessing the targeting data used in ads.  


Simply put, this is another way to unite people.  


  1. We can bring all of our audiences together into one targeting base. Join us in a conversation about how major platforms are successful because they are known by so many people while smaller platforms are successful because they are known by so many people who know each other.  

  2. We can more easily measure how well your brand is doing within the market.  

  3. We can more easily create PR campaigns strategically.  

  4. Leverage your growing brand equity to spread your message further and and set your prices or help determine how to make money (even if your brand or business just needs to make money to grow). 

  5. Easily spread awareness. 

  6. Connect you to the right platform or professionals that will give your brand the boost it needs and/or maintain your relevance within the  market. 




We introduce each platform/talent to the same target audience( how much so may be predicated on each platform’s /talent’s budget but with a great plan, more can be done) using a face or brand that the the audience is most familiar with.  Let’s discuss this more in a meeting or conversation.



As each platform or talent does well metrically, Courtier House can use this data to strategically serve all talent and platforms 


Talent must make the effort to continuously be placed on each recognized platform (the Bible says let another man’s lips praise you and it’s a common fact that people listen to people they trust) 


Platforms must make an effort to continuously have discussions with participating talent.   


Courtier House must have admin or advertise access to Facebook business pages and those Facebook pages must be connected to a IG page that has been active and has received engagement.  No platform or Talent can be a participant of this strategy without this.  

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