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“It’s the people for me” – Xzavier Antonio, Owner – Courtier House, Inc

MILWAUKEE – With restrictions on social gatherings finally lifted in Milwaukee, WI, like many residents, Courtier House’s supporters are ready to get back to poetry nights, live entertainment, and connecting with creatives, entrepreneurs, and neighbors. Already there is over a thousand people who have indicated their interest in attending this event. These are neighbors who have not been able to attend spoken word/poetry nights since the pandemic and since events like “Poetry Unplugged” and “Clap for a Poet Open Mic” ended their regular nights in Milwaukee. Now, neighbors are getting their chance again by accepting the invite to the Skyline “Rooftop” Poetry Open Mic, every Thursday beginning June 17, 2021, at the Skyline Lounge, located on the fourth floor of NōStudios. The address is 1037 W McKinley Ave, Milwaukee WI 53203. The fourth floor is open to the public at 5:00PM and the open mic poetry starts at 7PM – 9PM.


Xzavier Antonio, Owner – It is the people for me. This means, I love seeing people connect while doing mature & positive things. When we come together like this, we then see either the production of or potential for, “The collective power of people,” to accomplish all that our communities across Milwaukee want to see.  For Example, neighbors want to know they are a part of something that positions people and businesses to invest into business and workforce development, to invest in the creative communities and into creative professionals, into education and self-development opportunities, decreasing negative influences in usually ignored communities, and our neighbors want to experience an overall wave of inspiration that is not limited to any community, age group, neighborhood, nor excludes any one person. Spoken word events have always been a great place to start connecting people in Milwaukee and to, of course, witness phenomenal and creative expression. 



Following the open mic poetry, which is from 7PM – 9PM, every Thursday starting June 17, 2021, and is organized by Courtier House, Inc, NōStudios’ Skyline Lounge will also be hosting their “Nō Thursdays Rotating DJ Set from 9PM – 12AM. Although it is free to attend the evening’s events from 5pm – 8:59PM, There is a $5 admission which begins at 9PM for anyone arriving after that time.



The open mic is hosted by poet, comedian, and actress, Inger Henderson, also known as Spitfire Shine, and Kimberly Green of The Kimistry Lab in Milwaukee, WI. The open mic also has supporting hosts and hostesses referred to as the Artists Neighbors of Courtier House, Inc. On the opening night, Thursday June 17, 2021, there will be a featured performance by a spoken word artist from Chicago, IL, known as Hoodraised.



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