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It's a network of people


We call it "a Network of People"

It’s a network of interest-based groups of people; groups and communities of people organized by Courtier House based on their interests & concerns. 


Neighbors exchange information within their spheres of influence regarding interests important to their communities; including but not limited to education, politics, sports, justice, workforce, self care, and more.  


Entrepreneurs, organizers and performers, self and co promote each other’s events, works, businesses and accomplishments     as part of mutually beneficial agreements   and budget-based PR campaigns. 



One reason is; The founding steak-holders have worked together for years and using their talents, businesses and resources to promote each other has always been rooted in a desire to increase wealth and decrease violence and poverty in usually ignored communities. Uniting people is a sure way to do it.


Secondly, our motivation may be best understood by those who have seen a documentary/docudrama movie called “Social Dilemma”. In this movie, tech experts speak on the dangerous human impact of social networking.

Justin Rosenstein, once, one of the original leading engineering managers at the birth of Facebook, recalls the team’s only motivation was to “spread positivity and love in the world.” Now we have seen teens become depressed for a lack of Likes.


Joe Morgenstern, a writer at the Wall Street Journal states in an article reviewing the movie, “Seduced by technology, we are all at the mercy of dimly perceived forces.” It was also said, that these platforms are businesses that uses data & ads to make its profit, therefore the platform isn’t the product. Instead, it’s the users that are the product.

At the end of the movie, which talked about the growing problem, it’s admitted no one had an answer or solution at that time.

Owner, Xzavier Antonio, believes what Courtier House is doing through this network of people is a solution which reminds users and neighbors of their power to influence, and manage all our futures. This network primary objective should be to empower people to “Realize their power, be intentional as to their use of these forms of media, and to be more than a product; use the platforms to push a brighter future for our youth and to be an example to them.”


Xzavier adds, “We’ll connect the people and do our best to give the people the tools and knowledge they need to push better agendas and to be intentional rather than being depressed, knowing their use of these tools are purposeful and creating positive impact globally.


When ideas are challenged, opportunities are created and leaders are revealed  

It started with an idea to connect entrepreneurs and creatives and to organize together as an online network of professionals who operate as promoters for each other.  If one person shares information, we all commit to sharing that information within our networks of influence online and amongst friends and families.  


Everyone who was a part of the conversation is an entrepreneur and has a need for support so this seemed like a great gain. When one person started to think about what he had to contribute, this dialogue produced a concern; the question was asked, “What if I’m opposed  in any way with the information, do I still have to share it in exchange for having my information shared?” The question and maybe even more so  the response to this question, challenged us to come up with a better way.  



Realizing, the hope would in deed include everybody sharing each other’s information; this idea didn’t account for those times when one or more people would be asked to share something they may not be in support of.  It was also pointed out that choosing not to share and having such a small number of people participating could create a sense of unproductiveness.  It led to more questions, including; “Wouldn’t it be smart to connect people who all share common interests?” Shouldn’t we connect people who could be a part of multiple spheres of influence because they have multiple interests?” , and shouldn’t everyone respect everyone’s  right to refrain from publishing content they don’t  agree with?” 


Owner, Xzavier looked up at the ceiling during the meeting and looking back at the participants, while smiling he said, “This means  “we’re going to need more people,” 


And from there, the idea evolved into creating interest-based networks of professionals. Once we started having a discussion about “fields, industries, interests and issues,” it was realized; this isn’t just for creatives and entrepreneurial professionals. We can change the world by creating networks of people focused on community issues as well; This means anybody can join us because everybody has influence. This is like community organizing on another level.


And there we have it,  not just a network of professionals, or creatives, but one of fact a network of networks of people.. In which a client, a partner, a community advocate, a organization, a performer, and more importantly; a neighbor could more effectively spread information and not just to people, but to the right people. 


through word of mouth, email marketing, social media posts, advertising, podcasts, video shows, social media targeting tools and well thought out strategies created & managed by Courtier House


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