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Wisconsin woman begins her campaign promoting confidence and positive body image

Having self-confidence gives you some foundation – Jada Davis

Milwaukee – Studies have reported that confidence and self-esteem have a major and long-lasting impact on mental and physical health and our social outcomes.  Jada Davis takes her stance promoting confidence and positive body image by initiating her personal campaign & entering the pageant for Miss. West Allis.  Jada is a dancer and an entrepreneur, owning a clothing line called Modern Movement. Jada was contacted by a Miss America Pageant organizer for Wisconsin and after looking more into it, she realized not only could she meet the components to go far in the pageant community, this too, would be a great opportunity to initiate her push for confidence in her community. The big day is Saturday, February 26, 2022 with the participants being interviewed on Saturday morning and competing on stage later that night at 7pm until 10pm. This all takes place at West Allis’ Nathan Hale High School Auditorium.

          Jada Davis is a 23-year-old dancer, law student and entrepreneur who is not afraid to try new things because she is confident in her abilities and wants to help others gain confidence too. There is no losing or failing for her because for Jada, every experience is a part of the journey to reinforce her confidence, skills and knowledge - which means, it’s a win no matter what. She feels that the experience and winning Miss. West Allis would be another milestone that she could use to inspire confidence in others.


Jada Davis –“Confidence is important socially because we are constantly flooded with influences that impact how we view ourselves. It is important to be confident in who you are as an individual, as well as confident in your abilities and what you stand for. In a digital era, such as the one we live in today, we can easily feel as though we are lacking some things because of the images we see on social media. Sometimes we see photo and video images of people doing things that we perceive as out of reach.  The things a person wants to have or the business they want to build, usually takes some work but if you don’t have a foundation to build on, you may never take the initiative. Having self-confidence gives you that foundation.”

        Jada hopes to continue to participate in the pageants and will work to go far beyond Miss West Allis. To follow her journey and campaign, you can follow her social media on Facebook and Instagram. Also, there will be an event in support of Jada Davis for Miss West Allis on February 12th at Raising the Bar , located at 9014 W Burleigh Street in Milwaukee, WI. from noon until 2pm and admission is $10. purchase your tickets below. There will be a workshop and panel discussion about body image and confidence. Participating in the panel are Author & Mentor, Laketta Caldwell; Minister and Lady’s Guidance Coach, Thelma Lock, and local entrepreneur, Ashley Jamerson. Spitfire Shine, a comedian, poet and host from Griot House, Inc, will be performing. These Milwaukee women invite all to attend the event and join in the conversation about confidence and body image. Ticket information for the pageant competition will also be available at Jada Davis’ pre-pageant event, February 12th.


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