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Happy Days Day Bar hosts Shonn Hinton at Sherman Phoenix

By Deme and Courtier Digital Team  | Published February 14, 2023 9:00AM

Happy Days Day Bar located at Sherman Phoenix, hosts Shonn Hinton, on February 4, 2023. Shonn is a guitarist and song writer from Milwaukee, WI, who held a listening party to showcase his new R&B album titled “ART”

and interviewing Shonn was non other than, Reggie Smooth As Butta Brown from Milwaukee’s own radio station V100.7. 


Both Shonn Hinton and Reggie Brown sat center stage in front of a large screen/monitor operated by Happy Days Day Bar’s Co-Owner, Patrice Green. The screen/monitor displayed each song title next to the album’s cover art while DJ Trustar played the corresponding song.  

Courtier House CEO, Jeffrey McAlsier, Jr (left) poses for picture with Shonn Hinton (middle) and Reggie Brown (Right) at Listening Party for Shonn Hinton at Sherman Phoenix. 

The Sherman Phoenix was packed as supporters filled the upper main seating area of Happy Days Day Bar.  The lower level of the Sherman Phoenix seated guests who were able to hear Shonn’s music, share in the experience and enjoyed some amazing choices from the local food shops including Buffalo Boss, Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, Junior’s Smoked BBQ and Veggie soul!


Some special guests to highlight are Milwaukee’s WNOV Radio’s  Homer Blow, Chad “C Note,” Roper - a world renown producer/songwriter, Alex Julien - a notable bass player in music circles around the world, and many more friends, family and supporters. 

Shonn Hinton gave back to  his supporters who attended the event; providing them with a QR code they used to gain early access online to the entire “ART” album which won’t be released to the public for download and streaming until this coming February 14 which is Valentine’s Day!


Co-Owner, Patrice Green says: 


“It was an amazing night! On behalf of Happy Days Day Bar, I would like to thank Shonn for allowing us to be a part of HIStory! As a fan and friend, I'm excited about the release of this new album and what it means for Shonn as an artist. He's a gem that many know about. It's time the rest of the world found out!” 


You can check out more events at Happy Days Day Bar on social media. 

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