Milwaukee Man Defends His Song, In Milwaukee.

Milwaukee - a R&B song has gained more supporters than negative criticism after Milwaukee man releases promo video featuring a scene of Alicia Keys, singing her part of the Grammy Award winning song, Empire State of Mind, by Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys from the Blueprint 3 album release in 2009.

The In Mke Song (In Milwaukee) by Singer, Xzavier Antonio is being released November 23, 2022 and will be a part of an album called #OutNow which is hoped to release some time next summer 2023.

The video is captioned, “New York has one, Milwaukee should have one too.” The video starts out with a clip of Alicia Keys singing the famous lyrics, “Welcome to New York” and the clip is interrupted by a clip of Xzavier Antonio saying, “Hold up, Watch this” as he taps