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Turn The Lights On!!! Rico enlightens Milwaukee Professionals during Zoom Conference.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Rico has been doing some very interesting things in the area of “giving back.” Many people from Milwaukee were surprised to find out the artist, started a personal Facebook page. “Is this real?” — that’s the question many people wondered but sure enough, not only was it real but it seems to be an effort to better connect to artists and any hometown and global supporters that were impacted by his presence or music in their life at some point. This is definitely worth recognizing because it’s not a traditional move by music artists and song writers who have reached a level in their career such as Rico Love has; someone who is one of 2 artists to be mentioned by billboard as “living in Radio” suggesting, Radio across the country has become or was at one point saturated with lil Wayne’s and Rico’s music and presence.

Many have heard about the “We Love Music” Conference organized by Rico Love with the support of other Millionaires to make it big from Milwaukee such as Chad “C-note” Roper. Rico has organized and participated in many lectures and trainings focusing on the art of song writing and now he has taken to Facebook & Zoom to strengthen connections with independent and aspiring artists.

In a zoom conference on Memorial Day, Rico heard from artists, DJS, & Media Personalities. He asked about how they were doing during the pandemic lock down, and showed genuine concern for one particular artist, who revealed to Rico and the conference’s participants, he, & two family members were actually infected and had recovered from Covid 19.

Artists spoke about their ambitions to be true to their own brands, and asked “how to get song placements with major artists?” Rico, himself suggested the creation of a creative’s community on social media and although he did not indicate when he would lead the charge or how to best organize it, many absolutely agreed they would love to be a part of it.

He did speak about a network of songwriters and how his team would work to create agreements that allowed for songwriters to maintain their independence, make more money for any songs placed and would own their own rights to their works.

Artists also heard some great stories about Rico meeting Jay Z, sitting behind Kelly Rolland at a work out, touring with the artist, Future, and how to avoid PR issues on Tour.

Everyone received some insights from Rico and Caryn Lee, indicating Radio Research may not always tell you how loved a song really is with your audience.

Following the zoom conference, Many participants took to Facebook to describe how awesome the 2 hour meeting was for them, including Rico Love who posted

“Thanks to everyone who joined me today on Zoom! It was extremely therapeutic for me! I had a great time chatting and I can’t wait to do it again! #TTLO

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