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Milwaukee Fashion Designer finds perfect location for his dream show. 

"Its a show for adults, its inspiring, and we need fresh talent in the fashion industry" - Andre Purdy

         Milwaukee - The idea of live jazz entertainment and fashion has many residents in Milwaukee talking and waiting anxiously for September 12, 2021.  Andre Purdy is known by many as Milwaukee’s number one loctician, a hair stylist specializing in locking, retwisting and designing hair. He is also known for designing clothing for audiences who appreciate their own adventurous and natural identities and also his passion and investment into his design career created the opportunity for Mr. Andre Purdy who was  awarded a full scholarship to the first black owned design school in Milwaukee, Edessa School of Fashion.  Joining Andre for an evening of fashion is Milwaukee’s own jazz band, Christopher’s Project.  The event is located at Antiques On Pierce, 1512 W Pierce Street Milwaukee WI, 53204. Admission begins at 5:00pm and the event’s show starts at 6:00PM.  For VIP seating, tickets are $65.00 and general admission is $50.00.  


          Andre Purdy - I had a dream that I was at Antiques on Pierce, walking out the store with a purchase. I didn’t know what I had purchased but I was extremely happy in the dream.  That day, I was at home, wondering, what can I possibly purchase which would have me that excited? I  wasn’t  doing much and decided I would go to the same store and I thought, maybe I would find something, even though I had no idea what I could possibly find that would make me as happy as I was in my dream. As I stood in line purchasing a small item and not as happy as in the dream, the cashier caught me staring off at the ceiling.  The cashier made a comment about me staring off and I told the person I was thinking about my fashion show and where to look to host it.  To my surprise the cashier told me there was another floor to the building which is available for event space. She called someone over to take me to the upper level and show it to me. I was completely astonished at how this level had the exact design and space I envisioned for my show and now I knew what my dream was about and even, what my happiness in the dream was about. I’m asking for residents to come support a black owned business. This event is going to be worth it and you won’t be disappointed. I’m Mr. Showmanship and Mr. Entertainer. My promise to you is that not only will you be introduced to amazing bold fashion designs but also, I will not fail to entertain as well.  “It’s a show for adults, it’s inspiring, and another reason to witness this is, we need fresh talent in the fashion industry.” 


          Event attendees will also have the opportunity to view and patronize a couple vendors; one from Milwaukee & another from Chicago. Antiques On Pierce and Andre Purde have already begun conversations about making this event an annual event at this location which for Mr. Purdy means the event can only get bigger and better for attendees, each and every time. 


Tickets and Designs can be purchased by contacting the owner directly at 414-801-8878. 



purchase tickets online at event bright

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