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Join us for an Interview Style - Shout Out

We'd like to invite you to be part of a content creation opportunity created for creative and entrepreneurial professionals. Every Thursday at Skyline "Rooftop" Poetry, Courtier House will provide a quick interview style shout-out for our attendees.  What's really amazing is how this content will be used!

Welcome to the world of Public Relations

Where does any good story start? It starts with questions. Who are the star characters? What do they do? What is the goal? How can people contact you?

Courtier House has PR Packages that we're almost ready to roll out for you. The packages range from $15 a month to $145 a month. This "Shout-Out" opportunity is free though,  so come take advantage. 

You will be interviewed quickly by one of our brand ambassadors and it really is an easy thing to do. If you're camera shy, then you can even have some one answer the questions for you. " Your name, The name of your business and your contact information. 

The video content created from this will be published and distributed constantly among our online audience of $10,000 people or more. 

Again this is free. YOU MUST REGISTER!! We will email you the next date and instructions. 




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