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Courtier House welcomes Model, Marketing Strategist & Corresppondant Sarah Yahara to the house. 

Milwaukee | Social News

Thursday Social exposing attendees and online audiences to businesses, creatives, performance art and great causes.  We're interviewing special guests while socialising, networking, listening to a live band or music from 6pm - 8pm.

Then at 8pm - 9p, the audience gets a great laugh, a few serious moments, some poetry, music performances and learns about
opportunities to get involved with the In Mke Social - a group of organisers working to make Milwaukee greater with the power of people. 

Open to ticket holders from 7pm - 9:oopm.
followed by Afro Vibes from 9:30pm Until

Support Creatives & Entrepreneurs | Network | Join Causes | Witness performers create performance content including poetry and music | learn about and support vendors | 


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