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Neighborhood Watch


Kimberly and Courtier House decide to go separate ways

Uploaded May 23, 2022 by Xzavier Antonio



Artists, influencers and audience members, listen to my speech and let's
start making money togetherpromoting a broadcast and eventually our own app.


Most plans created by entrepreneurs are set up for a small group or for one person to win. Not only does "unity" increase the chance of widespread excitement but its literally the point  in this plan.

In our first year we plan to recruit 50 or so performers, 50 or so ambassadors and any supporters that we have who want the chance to make money selling subscriptions, keeping the money they make and are interested in the idea of artists, entrepreneurs, public figures and neighbors being united. Together, we can have a platform that pays, that spreads a message about independent professionals and American citizens uniting. Instead of scrambling for an opportunity for exposure on a major platform, our business module of shared prosperity will be a means of creating a major platform. So major, in fact, that even larger platforms will want to invest. 

We have a template 5 year plan that you can have and we project that you could be making $200,000 a year within that 5 year plan. We should note that this doesn't include your other products and services and you could possibly do better than this financially in 5 years.  the way there, is together. 


A broadcast that exposes our OPENMICMKE events, performers and vendors is one thing, but we could build an app for so much more. 

We're thinking there can be interviews, commercials, other broadcasts and podcasts and we can even include music streaming for independent and major artists. Of course events, because that what we do best so far. Influencers, ambassadors, artists, and more can join our brand because its strong and keep the money from their subscribers. No that's powerful. Facebook, Netflix, Spotify....they all started somewhere. 

more info to come about

What will the quality of the broadcast and app look like?
How would money from the subscriptions I sell be dispensed?
How often would we meet to discuss making it all better?
How soon do we get started?
How will this increase my specific brand as well?
If I'm keeping all the money I make, what will Courtier House and Griot House expect from me to ensure this is a fair exchange for them as well?

and more.


If interested...

Please don't miss poetry night May 24,2022


Twiggy , a creative neighbor of Courtier House performs "summertime" poem

Uploaded October 30, 2021 at 9:53am

😍🥲 Twiggy!!! - poet, singer, actress

📍 Skyline Poetry


Skyline Rooftop Poetry

Every Thursday at No Studios

Jeffrey McAlister, CEO acknowledgements and Announcements 

October 24, 2021 at 7:23PM Milwaukee

     We can do more than this! 
📍Skyline Poetry Night

Mentions: Tae Spears, Trunk Bussa, Je Love, Traxx Sanders, Earthy Herbs, Jermaine Rideout and M.E.L.

Jeffrey McAlister, CEO announces Purdy Wear Fashion Show

Septermber 8, 2021 Milwaukee

Courtier House provides great exposure to clients and neighbors!! Check out our neighbor

Mentions: Andre Purdy, Antiques on Pierce, Christopher's Project, Downtown Business Improvement District of Milwaukee

Xzavier Antonio visits Honey Bee Sage Wellness and Apothecary to 

October 10, 2021 Milwaukee

support Earthy Herbs' Business Launch

What’s happening in the neighborhood!!’ with the man of the house. #neighborhoodwatch

Mentions: Honey Bee Sage Wellness and Apothecary, Isea Earth, Earthy Herbs