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Models, Brand Ambassadors, Media Personalities, Performers: including music, dance, poetry professionals and more. 


Attend model coaching courses learning to walk, increase your brand's value and learn the business side of Public Relations. Attend media & communications courses and land commissioned offers to interview professionals and feature in commercial & promotional creative in social media.  

Get paid as a Model, Media Personality, Influencer, and/or Public Relations Agent.  Pay varies per assignment.  

We offer non-commissioned opportunities which will increase your brand's value. Partner on projects that are great for your career. 

Partake in exposure opportunities that will help keep your brand present, relevant and celebrated; all of which lead to higher earning opportunities. 

Join Our House 

Join as a Model/Brand Ambassador

You will model for designers, stylists, and for retail businesses. Your likenesses will be featured in promotional & commercial content. As your partner or representative, we will build brand awareness for you and for your professional goals & objectives.

Join as Media Personalities / Correspondents


Learn and use your great personality & communication skills to captivate audiences. Together, we’ll provide accurate & exciting information to the community and exposure for great brands and causes. We’ll do this through news & promo creative for partners and clients. Your face and voice will be one of the most trusted in our networks of people. You’ll learn to be comfortable having natural conversations with people about their hopes, plans, concerns and more. Our audiences will have a great respect for you because you are a true member of the community and have genuine connections to the people who you’re interviewing and the information you’re distributing.

Join as an Influencer

Together, we’ll identify the audiences who are most interested in subjects that you are most informed about. You’ll become a trusted brand and voice to those audiences while working closely with businesses looking to comission your likeness to help them reach these audiences. Influencers are a voice to the public representing specific interests; fashion, live performance art, politics/community, sports, health/fitness, education, women and/or men empowerment & more. Your role is network, build relationships, be informed about what’s happening in these communities and to be captivating while delivering that information to the public through social and creative. As an influencer, you grow your sphere of influence, you’ll have the relationships and the influence that you can leverage to start earning.

Join as a Publicist

Together, we’ll not only maintain relationships with news & radio platforms; We’ll also be working with aspiring media platforms such as podcasts, influencers, and other broadcasters to help clients gain exposure. Learn about professionals and their aspiring achievements & facilitate public relations packages for our clients.



What does it mean to be an independent partner vs represented talent? 

An independent partner is an independent contractor whom we do not represent as their agent. We use the term partner instead of contractor because some assignments pay (contractor work) while other assignments may not pay but have impact on your brand in a way that increases earning opportunities for you (pr partnership projects). Represented Talent are individuals who have been signed to one of Courtier House’s talent agencies (modeling agency, performance management agency, communications agency, etc).

When I submit my application, am I officially an independent partner with Courtier House? 

No. We safely store your submission and will absolutely still inform you of opportunities in your area, however those who receive an email stating their online account has been approved are those who are then official independent partners of Courtier House. This decision as based on your submission meeting all requirements.

When will I start receiving opportunities and emails. 

You’ll start receiving opportunities immediately, as clients and partners inform us of what they need. You’ll receive four different types of opportunities. Paid, Exposure, Partnership, & learning. The subject in the email will say “[your name], you have a new [blank] opportunity at Courtier House.

Can I unsubscribe from from emails about opportunities? 

Absolutely and Any time. If at any time a subscriber or independent partner elects to "unsubscribe" from Courtier House opportunities, Courtier House shall no longer communicate with such person via email and shall remove any information about such person from Courtier House’s databases.

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